Global specialists in Human Machine Interaction. We innovate with the human touch.

We bring innovative Control Surface, Control System, Display and Computing solutions to you, through our Global team of engineers. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, in your language, in your timezone and in person. Working with Densitron gets you to market faster and enables you to create beautiful and productive user experiences.

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Control Surfaces

Our modular control surfaces offer a complete end to end solution to all of your human machine interface requirements. From displays and interaction through to computing and software our solutions allow you to focus on what you do best while reducing your time to market.

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  • A complete HMI solution
  • Modular and fully customisable
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Backed by over 45 years of HMI expertise
Control Surfaces

Control Surfaces

Control Systems

Control Systems

Integrate, automate and control your multitude of systems with one IDS system, in precise time. IDS unlocks infinite possibilities and applications, letting you spend more time on the creative.

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  • Integrate With Any Platform
  • Easily Manage Content
  • Automate Workflows
  • Dynamic Information Display
  • Critical Time Synchronisation

Control Systems

Product Catalogue

We offer a wide range of displays and computing components to support the development of your products. These components are available off the shelf, or for more challenging and specific project requirements we offer a customisation service which means we can tailor any component to meet your exact requirements.

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Why Densitron

We take a full-service consultative approach to all our customer needs giving you access to our highly skilled in-house team of design and development engineers to help you overcome any technical challenges that arise during product conceptualisation, design, manufacture or installation.

We can supply and customise everything for you, from the embedded boards and associated software, to the displays, tooling and mounting kits and more, further reducing development time and accelerating your time to market.

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We pride ourselves devoting our time, knowledge and insight as and when you need it.


From concept to delivery and beyond, your personal project manager and our design team are with you all the way.


With over 40 years of experience, our innovative engineers can help streamline your concept delivery and accelerate time to market.

Densitron Staff
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