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Sight Diagnostics

Published on: Mon 26 Jul 2021

Our Client

Sight Diagnostics creates revolutionary products that enable a quick and accurate blood diagnosis using digital fluorescent microscopy and computer vision algorithms. Sight’s latest analyzer, OLO, performs a Complete Blood Count, the most commonly ordered blood test, in minutes, not hours. It’s compact so is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere.


The Opportunity

For Sight Diagnostics to create their high-end product, OLO, they required a near perfect blemish-free display. A key obstacle to overcome was to avoid any dead or live pixels giving off light or dark dots on the display as it could prove distracting for the technician using the equipment. The product also required a few customised options which included a cover glass that would fit neatly onto the product, as well as an LED bar graph that would light up to show select test conditions.  


Our Solution

Densitron began the project with Sight’s US based design firm, and when the initial design work was completed, continued to work alongside the company’s design team headquartered in Israel. The chosen display was a 7” TFT with a custom shape, that was then optically bonded, had USB connections along with PCT touch capabilities and a chemically strengthened cover glass. Also added was an LED bar graph to provide an optical indication of the selected blood sample’s test results.


Technical Detail

Densitron’s 7” TFT display features IPS technology with a resolution of 1024 X 600 and an integrated custom HDMI board.  The display’s optics include a contrast ratio of 800:1, with a backlight brightness of 830 nits transmittance through the touch screen.  



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