Aurora SBX Quad Core

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The Aurora SBX™ is a family of single board computers (SBC) based on NXP i.MX6 family of applications processors (APU or Applications Processing Unit). Utilising up to four ARM® Cortex-A9 based cores with frequencies up to 1GHz, the APU paired with onboard DDR3 RAM provides the performance required to support modern multimedia applications, rich GUI (Graphical User Interface) and applications requiring also parallel and high processing power. With the advantages of the ARM architecture we have created a small footprint, high performance, low power all-in-one embedded solution that is especially designed to support and speed up the development of your HMI (Human Machine Interface) based products.


Aurora_SBX_datasheet_01042019.pdf (4.98 MB)

Evaluation Kits

When time is critical we understand the importance of effective project evaluation. Our development and evaluation toolkits offer a quick and simple solution to evaluate our displays.

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OLED Dev Kits

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Our Arduino UNO based micro controller platform includes all hardware and pre-installed software required for the evaluation of our display range.

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The pre-installed software enables comprehensive demonstrations out of the box with the added benefit of being fully customisable to your needs.

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