IDS Auditorium Timer Package



  • IDS TS 10.1
  • IDS Remora x2
  • IDS Design Services

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Application Example
For many years people have relied on old fashioned clocks and stop watches to deliver timing information to speakers and presenters. In a modern technology driven world, never has the requirement for a network synchronised timer system been greater. Imagine a solution that can be as flexible and scalable as you require. Touchscreen interface for inputting the timers, centralised control for pausing, stopping or simply restarting a timer, output to any networked screen for extended visibility to timers and alerts.

Designed from within our experienced global broadcast team, the IDS countdown timer is the next generation addition for any time critical environment, where collaborative meetings are held, and discussions are shared. These meetings are usually heavily subscribed and highly structured, attendees have strict time slots to talk or Q&A sessions are limited
to defined periods. It is important that everyone has the chance to speak and contribute but not to the detriment of the schedule. The beauty and simple elegance of the IDS countdown timer is that function does not have to be boring. Built to be fully customisable, the countdown can be branded in any house style, colour or font or even have corporate branding applied for the commercial spaces.
• Single touchscreen control for timer input and administration
• Standalone time referenced solution
• Out put to multiple networked IDS screens
• Fully customisable to meet any specific requirement
• System can be scaled to be used across multiple areas and locations

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