HOW Package

IDS House of Worship Package



  • IDS Core
  • IDS TS 10.1
  • IDS Remora x2
  • IDS Device driver
  • IDS Design services

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Application Example

In recent years the popularity of video content in religious facilities and churches has steadily grown, with many houses
of worship now having complex and extensive Pro-AV or broadcast technology in place to meet the demands of the
modern worshipers.

With the majority having a very limited AV team and most services being run by non-technical parishioners or
volunteers, any centralised system needs to be simple, robust and reliable to use. Single touch operation to drive
signage, audio, video, lighting and cameras is becoming essential for today’s worship audience.


Churches need to be scalable, adaptive and relevant and need to reach a large demographic of worshipers which could
be spread across a diverse geographical landscape. This being said the control system chosen needed to be intuitive and
flexible to use. Giving the engineering teams the ability to set everything up with a single button press to cover complex
controls that can then be easily used and administered by non-technical users.

A number of the solutions IDS was able to implement for the client included:
• Live streaming sermons to multiple audiences
• Control of stage, house lighting, audio mixing, triggering of tallies and camera control
• Digital signage to depict sermons, congregation news and display ingested PowerPoint presentations on request
• Stream sermon inside church to people not in main hall and unify multiple video streams such as NDI, SDI and HDI
• One centralised control solution to drive all individual components

As a result of implementing IDS the house of worship was able to streamline technical delivery of its applications,
simplify workflows, produce better quality content and deliver it to a wider audience.

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