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At Densitron, our extensive product knowledge and expertise - built up over more than 40 years - enables us to continually push the boundaries of HMI, software and computing. Making our products easy to implement, intuitive to use and market leading.  From design and manufacture through to test and approval we create revolutionary technologies which meet and exceed your exact commercial requirements. 

Product Catalogue
  • TFT Displays

    Reliable and durable our feature-rich TFT displays offers unrivalled brightness, clarity and flexibility.

    • Exceptional longevity
    • Optional Projective Capacitive Touch
    • Flexible bespoke options
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    TFT Displays (G)

    TFT Displays

  • Components - TFT Monitors (W)

    TFT Monitors

    Enjoy ultra high brightness, excellent graphic quality and responsive touch options. Setting a new standard.

    • Long life LED backlight
    • Highest quality graphics
    • 5 year minimum product availability
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    TFT Monitors

  • OLED Displays

    Brighter, sharper, faster. In the right hands, technically brilliant OLED displays can transform any product.

    • Clear and precise graphics, ultra-fast response times
    • Outstanding contrast and super-wide viewing angles
    • Optically bonded for enhanced outdoor visibility
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    Component OLED Displays (G)

    OLED Displays

  • Product Mono LCD White

    Monochrome Displays

    Prioritising simplicity and functionality high performance LCDs offer striking graphics with very low power consumption

    • Lightweight and compact
    • State of the art clarity
    • Contact us to discuss our range of monochrome TFT replacement options
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    Monochrome Displays

  • UReady

    Superb smartphone quality graphics in ready-to-go rack displays. A new level of clarity, performance and ease.

    • A new industry standard: Sensitive PCT interaction with a reprogrammable display
    • Clear and Consistent: 80/80/80/80 symmetric viewing for excellent Clarity regardless of lighting conditions
    • Ready to Go: Meets the requirements of all medical, security, security, POS, test & measurement and broadcast sectors
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    Component UReady Display (G)

    UReady Displays

  • Computing (w)


    Our embedded single boards work out of the box, speeding time to market and keeping the focus on high performance HMI.

    • Elegant and powerful graphical design delivering great User Experience
    • Densitron's Aurora SBX is a complete ecosystem for developing HMI solutions
    • Bespoke options for every requirement
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  • IDS

    A flexible, scalable network based modular display and control system for custom operations for any operational environment.

    • Works over Ethernet
    • Integrates with 3rd party interfaces
    • Reduces operational costs
    • Can be operated by non-technical staff
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    IDS (G)


  • emu3 component


    An innovative yet simple centralised power solution. Monitor and control multiple installations in one place.

    • Control up to 16 emu3 ACO’s (192 power outputs) from one remote ethernet cable.
    • Ethernet SNMP, Telnet and IDS remote status monitoring for all 6 x GPIs and 12 x outputs.
    • Integrates with our IDS product range for control and reporting, allowing the display real time critical information on any IDS connected screen
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  • Tactila

    Combine the advantages of graphical displays with touch-screen based controls and tactile objects for precise adjustment.

    • Tactile rotary objects allow an initial integration of rotary controls in a graphical environment
    • Develop highly ergonomic controllers with the flexibility of context sensitive user interfaces
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  • Densi-Shield


    Reliable and durable our Densi-Shield TFT displays offer an accurate and fast touch operation without any risk of contamination.

    • Accurate and fast touch operation
    • Visual sound and light haptic functions
    • Hygienic stability from contamination of touch screen
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