Why Densitron

A full-service, consultative approach giving you access to our highly skilled team of design and development engineers.



We work side by side to help you overcome any technical challenges that arise during product conceptualisation, design, manufacture or installation. And we can supply and customise everything from embedded boards and associated software, to displays, tooling, mounting kits and more. 

Reducing development time and accelerating speed to market, we give your business the edge.

Experts in your vertical

With over 40 years of experience in the fields of Display and HMI we know what we’re talking about.  Work across all sectors, our experts understand the dynamics of how the technology is applied in your industry.

Engineers first

Engineers First

We thrive on solving engineering challenges and continuously press for the right solution for our customers using our talent base from across the world, pushing your products further.


Focussed on continually proving our value, we develop long term partnerships with customers and suppliers. Many of our customers have traded with us for over a decade.

How we work


We take time to understand what clients want and tailor our products to meet those needs. Quick to respond when challenges arise, we overcome and exceed issues and expectations.

Personal, yet Global

With a presence in Asia, Europe and America we are there when you need us - in your time zone, in person and in your language.  Our geographic breadth allows us to help no matter how large or small your requirement.

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